Saturday, April 22, 2017

Glossy Paper Background Technique-Butterflies!

Hey everybody! I'm back with another one of my Display Board samples from OnStage and today I've got a fun background technique for Glossy Paper. Look closely...Can you see the butterflies in the background? Look familiar? Yes! It's the Fluttering Embossing Folder! This technique is so easy and can be used with any embossing folder that you choose. 

To do this technique you'll need wax paper, a piece of printer paper or cardstock and a hot iron... and of course glossy paper, ink and sponge daubers. Emboss a piece of wax paper in the Embossing Folder of your choice. Make sure that the wax paper is large enough to cover your card face. Now layer your glossy cardstock (glossy side up), then the embossed wax paper, and the printer paper on top of the wax paper. Iron over the top of this stack making sure you do it long enough for the wax to melt onto the glossy paper (it doesn't take long). Take the wax paper off of the glossy cardstock and you should be able to see that the wax image (in this case butterflies) has transferred to your glossy cardstock. Now all you have to do is sponge over the glossy paper with colors of your choice. The wax will resist the ink and reveal your "wax embossed" images. Pretty cool if you ask me because you can create so many different backgrounds with all of the embossing folders Stampin' Up! carries.

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