Saturday, December 2, 2017

OnStage SLC House Gifts

Surprise! It's me... I know I've been a bit MIA and I'm sorry about that. These last few since coming home from Utah have really been a whirlwind. Shortly after I came from Utah my Grandma ended up in the hospital. She was stuck in hospital jail for nine days and when they sprung her she decided that she would go home (she lives with my parents) and would decline any further medical care. She is now on hospice. She seems to be more popular than a prom queen these days as everybody is now coming to visit. She enjoys the visits but it's also a bit overwhelming for her. Anyhow, between the family time, Thanksgiving, and an epic camping trip out of cell phone range (such a treat) I have been a bit overwhelmed and have fallen behind. So, I am only just now getting around to sharing these fun little organizers with you...

At OnStage my awesome housemates and I decided to do a gift exchange with each other. There were no rules so that we could truly gift what we wanted to gift, in whatever fashion we wanted to gift it in. We also decided that retired product was acceptable...because, c'mon! These are gifts from the heart and all Stampin' Up! product is awesome including retired product. 

I am really into fountain pens (what better to write in my cards with, right?) and wanted to gift my friends each a fountain pen with a fancy shimmering ink inside. Originally, I was just going to make a box to package the pen in but I decided to make these fun organizers instead.

I apologize because I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures of these before I had to wrap them to put in my suitcase. I designed them to fit the fountain pen in the center and the worked out from there. The fountain pen is secured in the center with a ribbon to hold it snugly in place. On the right side each of these organizer books there is a mini composition notebook covered with DSP. On the left, I've added an accordion style folder so little notes, receipts, sticker, or little bits of whatever can be tucked away for safe keeping. The flap at the right closes over the cover of the book and has a hidden magnetic closure inside for a clean look. 

Before I packed these into my suitcase I did quick sneak peek video so that I could share the inside of each of the organizers. I do plan to do a video tutorial in the future so that I can share the measurements and some hot tips.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you liked my little projects. See you back here soon and enjoy your weekend everyone!


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