Monday, April 2, 2018

World Autism Awareness Day Blog Hop

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog. If this is your first time visiting me- Hi! My name is Maria Willis and I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator from California, USA. Today I am participating in a very special blog hop and I will be "Lighting It Up Blue" for Autism...
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All around the world April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. I am so happy to be collaborating with this amazing group of people to help spread awareness and to raise money for autism. 

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One of the ways that people show their support for both individuals on the Autism spectrum, and, families of those on the spectrum is to wear the color blue. A number of years ago I read an article explaining that on April 2nd many people put blue light bulbs in their outside lights and turn them on. The idea is that even if you personally are not affected by Autism that someone may see your blue light and know that they are not alone. This idea that we can let people know that they are not alone through such a simple and beautiful gesture has stuck with me. This idea of "lighting it up blue"is the inspiration for my card today...
#autism, #autismawareness, #cardbomb, #Lightitupblue, #LIUB, #mariawillis, #stampinup, #technique, #watercolor, #worldautismday2018, Stampin' Up!, #ribbonofcourage, #hometown greetings edgelits dies, blue, #blue,
I drew the lightbulb by hand and watercolored my background attempting to make it look like the lightbulb was shining down on all of the houses flooding them with blue light. In my mind shining the light over all of the houses is symbolic of unity, support and understanding.#autism, #autismawareness, #cardbomb, #Lightitupblue, #LIUB, #mariawillis, #stampinup, #technique, #watercolor, #worldautismday2018, Stampin' Up!, #ribbonofcourage, #hometown greetings edgelits dies, blue, #blue,

The little houses are all sponged with ink (multiple colors) and are popped up on foam strips to give them dimension. I like that when you look through the house you can see blue inside... as if that light has shown through and has filled each home with care and understanding. In the top left corner I've cut a tiny ribbon and written "light it up" on it.

#autism, #autismawareness, #cardbomb, #Lightitupblue, #LIUB, #mariawillis, #stampinup, #technique, #watercolor, #worldautismday2018, Stampin' Up!, #ribbonofcourage, #hometown greetings edgelits dies, blue, #blue,

Today's blog hop is more than just an artistic interpretation of the "light it up" movement though. I thought I might share some Autism facts or statistics with you now but luckily I am able to do something more personal. I have multiple friends with children on the Autism Spectrum. I asked one of them if she had a platform to share just one thing about Autism that she wished everybody knew, what would that one thing be? She thought for only just a second before she said, "If you've met one kid with autism... You've met ONE kid with autism." I love this reminder that every individual on the spectrum is an individual with their own unique interests, personalities and needs. 

I have a goal today to help fundraise for the Organization for Autism Research. My goal is to raise $1500 by the end of the month. It'll be tough I'm sure but every dollar counts and if you have a few bucks to spare (or a lot of bucks-lol!) I would greatly appreciate your donation. Your donation will go directly to the Organization for Autism Research and is tax deductible (tax ID info is available on their website through the link provided). If you are interested in making a donation please click the donation button below and Thank You!

 Organization for Autism Research, #autism, #autismawareness, #cardbomb, #Lightitupblue, #LIUB, #mariawillis, #stampinup, #technique, #watercolor, #worldautismday2018, Stampin' Up!, #ribbonofcourage, #hometown greetings edgelits dies, blue, #blue,
Organization for Autism Research

That's it for today but I hope you will continue on this World Autism Awareness Day Blog Hop. Just click on the next button below to head to the next blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you have an amazing day!

Maria Willis

#autism, #autismawareness, #cardbomb, #Lightitupblue, #LIUB, #mariawillis, #stampinup, #technique, #watercolor, #worldautismday2018, Stampin' Up!, #ribbonofcourage, #hometown greetings edgelits dies, blue, #blue,


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  1. Love your cards with the blue scenery!

  2. very cool card Maria, for such a great cause

  3. and it turned out flipping amazing! Cardbomb!!

  4. That is awesome!!! Love your design and that you've lit the little town up blue! :)

  5. Absolutely love the simplicity of your card <3
    Cheers Shaz

  6. Now that is pretty darn cool. Thank you so much for participating in this worthy cause!

  7. Boom! Another fabulous card. The little lightbulb is so so sweet. Hugs.

  8. This is gorgeous!!!! I love that you are lighting up the village in blue!!! You are so right, not feeling alone while walking through difficult days means the world. I felt pretty lonely during some of the days but our son is doing so well now. Thanks for participating in the hop!


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